Molsheim and electromobility: a winning duo

Digitalization project in the commercial vehicle sector

Molsheim factory gets a brand new scanner

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IT Studies and Development Specialist with a focus on SAP Logistics, Purchasing and Sales

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02 March 2024

Digitalization project in the commercial vehicle sector

Molsheim, 03/2024


MBTM has recently embarked on an ambitious project aimed at digitizing plans and manufacturing ranges in the commercial vehicle transformation sector. This initiative signifies a major shift towards digitalizing our operational processes.


Les plans 3D sur ordinateurs


A pilot phase is currently underway in one of our workshops, necessitating close collaboration between production operators and various support services such as methods and engineering.

The objective of this phase is to create 3D plans of the entire truck and associated transformations, replacing traditional paper plans. Concurrently, the digitization process of manufacturing ranges is also under development.



OF digitalisé - Aperçu sur tablette


Key objectives include:

  • Drastically reducing our paper consumption, thereby contributing to our environmental sustainability efforts. The annual savings will amount to approximately 200,000 sheets for paper!
  • Optimizing the time required to search information in assembly ranges and plans, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of our production processes.
  • Increasing the traceability of work performed on the truck.




The pilot phase will gradually extend to other vehicle transformation workshops through 2024, with full implementation slated for 2025. The project will then be rolled out to parts production workshops.


This initiative represents a significant advancement for MBTM, showcasing our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We are confident that this transition to digitalization will bolster our competitiveness and market position, while also fostering a more efficient and sustainable work environment. 

01 March 2024

Molsheim and electromobility: a winning duo

Molsheim, 01/2024


The prototype workshop in Molsheim hosts a special guest.

After working on numerous eActros vehicles for various applications (from carrier to tractor, lowered vehicles, etc.), the teams have now turned their attention to transforming an eEconic.


Visuel 3D du eEconic et ses transformationsThis vehicle, the first of a series of 10, is intended for an Australian client seeking an electric solution for waste evacuation and transportation.

By installing a tandem axle, the payload capacity has been increased by 3 tons. To make the vehicle compatible with garbage bin mounting, the wheelbase has also been modified, extending from 4 meters to 4.60 meters.


A significant project for Molsheim, reaffirming its position as a key player in electric vehicle transformation within the Daimler Truck Group.



28 February 2024

Technology at the service of Mercedes Quality

Molsheim, 02/2024


A large-scale project has been completed at Mercedes-Benz Trucks Molsheim.

Since 2022, the teams have been working on the complete renewal of the laser machine fleet. This has now been achieved with the commissioning of our three new fiber laser machines, connected to an automatic warehouse and equipped, for two of them, with a fully automated sorting system.


In the presence of Bystronic France, with whom we have worked closely, the Molsheim teams inaugurated these new fiber laser installations in early February. The event brought together all involved teams, as well as key personalities such as Guy Siebert, President of Mercedes-Benz Trucks France, and Hugues Cousseau, General Manager of Bystronic France, both of whom highlighted the commitment and work of the teams of this project.


Inauguration du secteur laser - Tous les collaborateurs ayant travaillé sur le projet

This is the largest installation ever carried out by Bystronic on French soil. A significant investment for our company, which has made customer quality a priority.

Production de piècesThis installation is also part of a production decarbonization initiative, as this technology combines efficiency and productivity with energy efficiency.

Last but not least, the new facility will also lead to a significant improvement in working conditions for laser sector employees. The installation of automated storage warehouses and sorting systems eliminates the need for manual handling of sheet metal, thus improving workstation ergonomics.


Quality, ergonomics, and the environment: a winning combination for the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Molsheim factory, more focused on the future than ever before.


Felix, IT Hub - Smart Factory

Felix is responsible for developing and maintaining a technological platform that enables the collection, processing, and provision of production data.

Jordan, Data Engineer

Jordan is tasked with developing and maintaining systems that gather, store, and process large-scale data, ensuring it is readily available to meet business requirements.

Alexander, Data Scientist

Alexander uses statistics, machine learning algorithms, and his expertise to predict various future trends, such as production quality changes, penne frequency rates, and product recommendations.

The history of the Molsheim factory

Located in Molsheim, Alsace, this facility stands as the French hub of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. With its 600 employees, it is the largest truck conversion site and also serves as the headquarters of the Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) division, which coordinates and fulfills customers' special requests worldwide. The factory was established in 1967. Since 1991, it has been performing conversions on behalf on the Wörth plant.