Mercedes-Benz Trucks Molsheim:

When the Exceptional becomes the norm.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Molsheim (MBTM) is a French facility of the Daimler Truck AG group, dedicated to customizing industrial vehicles to meet specific customer demands. As the largest vehicle customization site of the German group, MBTM exports its expertise to over 140 countries, where the expertise, flexibility, and “made in Molsheim” quality are recognized by all. 

MBTM in numbers  

  • 600 employees
  • A total area of 414,000 square meters, with 340,000 square meters dedicated to transformations and storage areas.
  • 63 truck conversion stations and 5 painting cabins. 

Our expertise

Industrial Vehicle Transformation: a wide range of products including vehicles for heavy haulage, double-cabin fire-fighting trucks, 5-axle vehicles, and car carriers. Each year, several thousand customized trucks leave the Molsheim conversion workshops. Learn more! 

Component manufacturing: The Molsheim factory also manufactures components for Molsheim as well as vehicles from the production line located in Wörth-am-Rhein. Learn more!

Cabin Assembly: High technology for the Unimog is the promise of the Molsheim site. Once assembled and painted, the cabins join the Wörth-am-Rhein assembly line to be mounted on the chassis. Learn more!

Research and Development: From simple component relocation to heavy tractors and specialized vehicles for the construction and public work sectors, our design office develops new products each year to adapt to shifting customer preferences and requirements. 

A French-German Collaboration

Despite the extensive range and options offered by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, configuring a vehicle that precisely meets a specific transport need right from the model series production isn’t always feasible. This is where Mercedes-Benz Trucks Molsheim (MBTM) plays a pivotal role. For over 30 years, our Alsatian teams have been expertly carrying out conversions based on the series vehicles produced at the Wörth-am-Rhein plant, fulfilling client’s bespoke expectations. Through close collaboration between colleagues across the Rhine and the dedicated Molsheim teams, we ensure that a tailored solution is found for every specific need.

A few words about Custom Tailored Trucks

In addition to being a transformation and production site, the factory serves as the operational center for Mercedes-Benz Trucks Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT). This division coordinates and fulfills customization requests from clients worldwide.