At the Molsheim site, we promise cutting-edge technology for Unimog cabins. Once assembled and painted, these cabins journey to the Wörth-am-Rhein assembly line for chassis integration.


Composants des cabines Unimog après peinture


Photo des équipes Unimog devant le tunnel de lumire, dédié au contrôle qualité des cabines



Processus d'assemblage des cabines Unimog (collage, ponçage, peinture et contrôle qualité)

Crafted from composite materials, the cabins are produced by our skilled team of approximately thirty individuals, who assemble, glue, and sand them before painting. Following these stages, rigorous quality control ensures compliance with the exacting standards of Mercedes-Benz Trucks customers.

With a firm focus on the future, MBTM continuously invests in innovative technologies, including advanced control tools. Explore out latest-generation optical scanner!


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