Since 1991, the Molsheim site has been performing truck conversions for the German group Daimler Truck AG. Each year, several thousand trucks leave the Molsheim workshops, customized to meet the demands of demanding clients.


Diverse activities and demanding professions

Nearly 200 dedicated employees work daily on truck conversions within the six specialized workshops, performing a variety of tasks including prototyping, transformation, painting and finishing, and quality control. 

Equipes et collaborateurs du secteur de transformations camions



Diverse activities and demanding professions

The organization into transformation stations ensures better vehicle tracking and allows employees to carry out transformations from start to finish.

Given the scale and diversity of the work, employees receive continuous, customized training in mechanics, electrical systems, settings, pneumatics, hydraulics, and welding to meet the company’s needs.

A varied and complex product portfolio

Among the iconic products and transformations in our portfolio are vehicles for exceptional convoys, utility vehicles with double cabins, 5-axle vehicles, car carriers, and vehicles for transporting concrete. Recently, the Molsheim site has also become a major partner in the electric vehicle conversions.




Châssis de camion représentant les différents organes

To meet the increasingly complex demands of our customers, MBTM boasts a Prototype workshop where a dozen highly skilled employees work on assembling the vehicles of tomorrow.

Significant investments have been made in recent years in the vehicle transformation workshops, focusing on the transition to electric vehicles, improving workstation ergonomics, and adopting new technologies such as digitalization. These efforts ensure that MBTM remains a site firmly focused on the future.


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