Driven by a commitment to reduce its ecological footprint, the Molsheim site has been investing for years with the aim of becoming an indispensable player in zero-carbon mobility. We are dedicated to adapting our production infrastructure to meet the technological, economic, and ecological challenges of tomorrow. 

Electric vehicles: pioneering sustainable mobility

Véhicule électrique transformé à Molsheim


Aligned with the electrification strategy of the Daimler Truck group, MBTM positions itself as a pivotal player in the transition to zero-carbon mobility. This commitment is underscored by our production of pre-series for assembly lines and prototyping of electric variants. In 2023 alone, our transformation workshops produced over a hundred electric vehicles.


To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles, Molsheim has made substantial investments in tooling, training, and infrastructure.



Green Production: bringing ecology and industry together

Illustration liée à la décarbonation de la production

We have made significant investments to achieve ambitious goals in energy consumption and ensure a supply of green energy. Here are selected examples of our efforts:

  • Starting in 2024, employee parking lots will be covered with photovoltaic canopies, generating nearly a quarter of the site’s electrical consumption.
  • We implement measures to enhance energy efficiency, including the adoption of LED lighting and consumption monitoring systems.
  • To reduce energy consumption, we have installed new devices such as heat exchangers and undertaken renovation work such as roof refurbishment.