As a production plant within the Daimler Truck Group, we serve as the international center of expertise for industrial vehicle transformation. Our mission is to leverage our know-how and skills to meet customer needs, always striving for complete satisfaction. Together, we innovate, enhance our products, improve working conditions, and minimize our environmental impact.


The certifications

Certifications ISO MBTM : ISO 9001 (qualité), ISO 45001 (santé et sécurité) et ISO 14001 (environnement)

Our commitments

Joining the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Molsheim team means becoming part of a group that invests in the future of sustainable mobility and upholds strong core values.


Environmental commitment

We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through:

•Reducing our carbon footprint

•Adopting a paperless approach

•Lowering water consumption

•Decreasing energy consumption

•Achieving energy reductions in buildings identified in the tertiary decree by 2030.

•Minimizing the production of non-recyclable waste.

Stakeholder relations

We ensure high-quality standards throughout our value chain by:

•Meeting customer expectations for product performance and reliability.

•Optimizing processes and costs to provide the best value solutions.

•Building and maintaining trusting relationships with suppliers and enhancing customer feedback mechanisms.

•Developing staff skills, maintaining essential resources, and adapting to new technologies and industry challenges.

Work relations and conditions

We are dedicated to implementing advantageous management and social practices that cater to the needs of everyone.

•Offering flexible hours for administrative services with telecommuting options.

•Making significant investments to improve working conditions and tools.

•Providing programs to balance family and professional life, such as inter-company daycare and family event policies.

•Ensuring high-quality services, including a company restaurant featuring local and organic products, and farm baskets delivered on-site.

•Engaging a dynamic Employee Representative Committee (CSE).

•Offering continuous training through free and unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning platform.

•Ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for all genders.

Health & Safety

We are committed to strengthening our preventative approach to health and safety by:

•Minimizing employees’ exposure to occupational and travel related risks to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

•Increasing employee involvement in improving quality of life at work through the promotion of their ideas.

•Strengthening preventative measures to ensure a safer work environment.

•Involving field management to bolster the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) culture.

•Offering employees the opportunity to receive support from healthcare professionals.